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Flip Optical & Dare To Be Different

Flip Optical & Dare To Be Different

We believe that every person has a frame to match their personality. Everyone is familiar with the Aviator style, but have you considered the fun Dolomiti style, or perhaps the more intellectual Cat Eye frames, or maybe even the retro Shield style? If not, let our experts run you through the myriad options we have in stock and get you the lenses to go with the style you go for.

Sunglasses are essential for any summer activity – vacation or not. You'll definitely need to consider whether or not to grab a pair of polarised lenses to counter the shimmering of the waves as you relax on the beach. If you're into winter sports, guess what, we have sporty sunglasses too. You can rest assured that we have all the top brands, as well as more bespoke glasses from local workshops. Whatever you prefer,our optician advocates we're happy to help.

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